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Low Cut Connie

Low Cut Connie - Live at the Mohawk in Austin Texas November 14th 2018.

"People crave connection, but it's becoming more challenging to do. I’m making it a point to make known that the tent is open to everyone, come in here and feel good." I chatted with Adam Weiner of @lowcutconnie before their second sold out show at @mohawkaustin about growth, festivals, and inclusivity.


The Reputations

The Reputations at Hotel Vegas on November 1st celebrating the release of their 2nd LP Electric Powe

Austin-based band @thereputations are a self-proclaimed "Powersoul" group. But what is "Powersoul"? According to the band: "When someone says, 'I don’t know what the fuck that is,' we say, “Come on down and see it for yourself'." Read more from my interview with @thereputations on their new record, Electric Power. 


Beto O'Rourke

Beto O'Rourke during a campaign stop in Austin Texas Beto 2020

I covered  the #TurnOutForTexas rally for Beto O’Rourke for The Luck Journal. The event, featuring both legends as well as legends in the making, brought in a crowd that many news outlets reported to be in excess of 50,000. The atmosphere was in some ways akin to a Grateful Dead parking lot, with vendors selling flags, buttons, t-shirts and anything else that you could put “BETO” on.



@gloriettamusic is the supergroup we didn’t know we needed in 2018. According to @matthewloganvasquez each member plays a role, “@noahgundersen is the sex symbol. @jasonrobertblum is the chef and wizard and the unknown. @davidramirez is the wild card -
He’ll close any bar he walks into no problem. @adrianmquesada is like... infinite positivity, possibilities and is just a champion. @hashmoneybillionaire is the person who sees around the curve and has a suggestion before anyone had a thought about the problem. I guess that leaves me, I’m the guy that, I’m like Samuel L Jackson in the Avengers movie, I’m the guy that's gonna trick all of these people to work together.” 



A conversation with Altamesa ahead of their single release party at the Mohawk

I caught up with Evan Charles and Sean Faires of @altamesamusic before their single release party at @mohawkaustin. “Shadow on Your Heart” is the next installment in ‘From the Idol 

Frontier’, a collection of singles, narratives, and artifacts to be released in non-sequential form.